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What’s a counter stool

I am not sure if there is an exact answer. I kind of think that a counter stool goes in front of a counter and a bar stool goes in front of a bar. That makes sense right? Now the confusing part comes when a stool is not in front of a counter or a bar. I guess it is just a stool but people may have ideas of whether it should be referred to as a counter stool or a bar stool. I say just call it whatever you want. Who really cares? What’s a better question, is what is the difference between bar stool and barstool. According to spell checker, barstool is incorrect. I could have sworn I looked it up in the dictionary and was told that it is a proper term. Well people search for the term barstool so I should probably make sure I write it down a few times in my posts. Here’s one more time for good measure…. BARSTOOL.

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