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What is Counter Height?
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Many people ask me the difference between counter height and bar height. It is a pretty simple answer. A standard bar is 42 inches while a standard counter is 36 inches. Now, life would be very simple if all builders followed those simple specs. If your builder decided to pursue his own vision, we have you covered. Our floor mounted bar stools can be made in any height up to 30 inches. This allows us to make a 26 inch stool if your builder built your bar 4 inches short. A floor mounted counter stool is probably the best solution for bars of unusual height or any location where fixed seating adds to the style and decor of your establishment. Our counter stools are built just like they were in the old days using cast iron and steel. Our stools are the ones you typically buy with the restaurant because they have been there for so long. If you are looking for new stools, please contact us at 800-929-5792.

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