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If you purchased good counter stools for your restaurant, you may have noticed they are not easy to remove.  If you were not the person to install them, you may have no idea where and how they even attach to your floor.  If you are using counter stools purchased from you will have no trouble removing them.  Our counters tools require a special wrench built by the manufacturer.  This wrench goes inside the column of the counter stool to remove a large bolt that attaches the stool to the floor.  After you have removed the bolt, you can pull the counter stool off of the floor.  Once the stool is removed you will see what type of floor attachment was used to connect the stool to the ground.  Most counter stools attach to concrete floors.  You will have some trouble removing the floor attachment if it is attached to concrete.  If you have a wood floor, you will be able to removed the wood plate very easily.

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Soda Fountain Bar Stools

Soda Fountain Bar Stools

Why settle for the same old and boring upholstery vinyl when you can customize your counter stools with your own logo, artwork, slogan, or trademark.  Logo counter stools are the perfect way to make your counter stand out.  We can do logo soda fountain counter stools, logo counter stools, logo bar stools, and logo bar stools.  We can put a logo on pretty much any type of upholstered item but we specialize in logo bar stools and logo counter stools.  The counter stool pictured is one of our most popular  counter stools.  Imagine it with you logo or diner name permanently added to the bar stool.  Logo bar stools are durable restaurant bar stools and built to last for years.  We can even put logos on our line of retro kitchen chairs.  If a logo isn’t what you are looking for, consider using a retro upholstery vinyl pattern like Cracked Ice Vinyl.

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Soda Fountain Bar Stools

Soda Fountain Bar Stools

When looking of high quality soda fountain bar stools, look no further than soda fountain stools manufactured by Richardson Seating.  Richardson Seating is a bar stool manufacturer located in Chicago, IL.  One of Richardson Seating’s specialties is floor mounted bar stools also known as soda fountain bar stools.  The reason they are called soda fountain bar stools is because back in the early 1900′s this type of bar stools was commonly found in ice cream parlors and drug stores at the soda fountain.  The soda fountain typically had a few mounted stools at the counter so you had somewhere to sit while you drink your custom drink.  These bar stools also were very popular with roadside diners and cafes.  They were the perfect option for quick restaurants along the highway.  

Richardson Seating’s line of soda fountain bar stools is just like the soda fountain stools of the past.  Richardson pulled out all the stops with this line.  The main structure of the fountain stool is iron.  Most companies just use steel components.  Richardson uses a combination of cast iron, steel, and cast aluminum.  Their counter stools are quite substantial.  If you are looking to purchase Richardson Seating Counter stools, look no further than Bar Stools and Chairs. sells all of Richardson Seating’s product lines.

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Floor Mounted Stools

Floor Mounted Stools

Floor mounted bar stools used to come in all different shapes and sizes.  There used to be hundreds of small manufactures that made bar stools in the US.  That number has gotten smaller and smaller over the years.  The bigger companies have bought out the smaller companies and both big and small manufacturers have gone out of business.  It is really hard to compete with imports from China.  Now with all that said, there is still one manufacturer in the USA that knows how to build a commercial restaurant floor mounted bar stool.  That company is Richardson Seating.  Richardson Seating was established in 1975 after Richardson Seating’s founder sold his previous seating business.  Richardson Seating is a family run business and the family that runs it has been in the commercial furniture business for 4 generations.  That’s a lot of experience  Richardson Seating’s dies for its floor mounted counter stools predate even Richardson Seating.  Richardson Seating uses highly durable iron components for its line of floor mounted bar stools.  They use an iron bushing, iron threaded rods, and an iron bell.  Most companies simply use chrome plated steel.  Richardson Seating goes one step further by using iron.  They also have the largest selection of floor mounted bar stools that I have seen.  You can find Richardson’s line for sale at


If you are considering purchasing floor mounted bar stools, you should definitely check out Richardson’s selection.  You can’t go wrong with American Made.  

For information on Cracked Ice Vinyl for counter stools.

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Floor Mounted Bar Stools | Mounted Bar Stools

Mounted Bar Stools

Mounted Bar Stools

Floor Mounted Bar Stools have been a staple at cafes and roadside diners for years. There are many benefits to fixed mounted bar stools. Mounted counter stools never move. There is always room for a patron to sit down at the counter and there is always room to clean the floor around the stool. There are very few manufacturers of mounted counter stools left in the USA. We get our mounted bar stools from Richardson Seating web. Richardson Seating has the largest selection of seat options, base options, and upholstery finishes. All of their floor mounted bar stools are commercial quality bar stools and built to last for years of service at the parts counter. Richardson Seating manufactures its line of mounted counter stools using a combination of steel, cast iron, and cast aluminum. Materials make a difference when you consider the fact that you are going to permanently bolt these counter stools to your floor. Richardson Seating brand counter stools are available for sale at

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