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Mounted Bar Stools

Mounted Stool

Mounted Stool

Mounted bar stools are the best bar stools to put in front of a counter in a diner or cafe. Mounted bar stools stay put and always face forwards. It is easy to clean around mounted stools as well. The most important reason to use mounted stools at your counter is that they come in any height. Most counters are not the standard 42 inches or the standard 36 inches. If a counter is not one of these two heights, it is really hard to find a bar stool that will fit. Most bar stools only come in 30 inches and 24 inches. The custom mounted stools sold at can be manufactured in any height. If your counter is 39 inches tall, you can get the perfect 27 inch counter height stool.

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Soda Fountain Bar Stools

Soda Fountain Bar Stools

Why settle for the same old and boring upholstery vinyl when you can customize your counter stools with your own logo, artwork, slogan, or trademark.  Logo counter stools are the perfect way to make your counter stand out.  We can do logo soda fountain counter stools, logo counter stools, logo bar stools, and logo bar stools.  We can put a logo on pretty much any type of upholstered item but we specialize in logo bar stools and logo counter stools.  The counter stool pictured is one of our most popular  counter stools.  Imagine it with you logo or diner name permanently added to the bar stool.  Logo bar stools are durable restaurant bar stools and built to last for years.  We can even put logos on our line of retro kitchen chairs.  If a logo isn’t what you are looking for, consider using a retro upholstery vinyl pattern like Cracked Ice Vinyl.

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Bar Stool Repair Added

I added a page on bar stool repair today.  I tried to cover the basics of whether one should buy a new bar stool or one should try to repair their bar stool.  I basically came up with the conclusion that if the seat is damaged, buy a new bar stool.  If the frame is damaged consider replacing the frame or whole stool.  If the swivel is damaged, replace the swivel.  And if the glides are damaged, always just replace the glides.  I touched on custom upholstery work, but that I’ll save for another post.  I sell upholstery vinyl at my retail website  If you or anyone you know needs vinyl, please consider purchasing it from us.

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What’s a counter stool

I am not sure if there is an exact answer. I kind of think that a counter stool goes in front of a counter and a bar stool goes in front of a bar. That makes sense right? Now the confusing part comes when a stool is not in front of a counter or a bar. I guess it is just a stool but people may have ideas of whether it should be referred to as a counter stool or a bar stool. I say just call it whatever you want. Who really cares? What’s a better question, is what is the difference between bar stool and barstool. According to spell checker, barstool is incorrect. I could have sworn I looked it up in the dictionary and was told that it is a proper term. Well people search for the term barstool so I should probably make sure I write it down a few times in my posts. Here’s one more time for good measure…. BARSTOOL.

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Bar Stool Ads

If you haven’t read my earlier posts, I sell Bar Stools. I just got off the phone with my dad a few minutes ago. He asked me why I put ads on my blog that technically compete with my own website I thought it was a good question. I guess the reason is that I want to see what kind of revenue I can generate from adsales compared to how much I can generate from a sale at my website. I remember used to have ads for other companies on their site. Maybe they know something.

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Bar Stools

Ok,  I couldn’t resist writing just one more entry.  I have to admit that I do have some ulterior motives in writing this blog.  I also own a commercial furniture website. is the name of the website that I run. carries commerical bar stools and restaurant bar stools.  All of our products are built to last in a commercial restaurant, bar, or diner.  If you are looking for the real thing when it comes to durable commercial bar stools, you don’t have to look any further.

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