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Remember the old soda fountain at the Drug Store from back when you were a kid?  I bet the counter stool pictured looks pretty familiar.  For almost 100 years, counters at restaurants cafes and diners have relied on mounted bar stools to comfortably seat their patrons.  Over the years, there have been many different manufactures of counter stools in the United States.  As time has time has passed, most of those great companies have gone out of business.  Lucky for us, there is still at least one American manufacturer of soda fountain bar stools that makes the stools just like they did in the old days.  Bar stool manufactuer Richadson Seating manufactures soda fountain bar stools in its Chicago based factory.  They make their counter stools used cast iron, steel, and aluminum.  Their products are quite substantial.  If you are looking to purchase soda fountain bar stools, look no further than Bar Stools and Chairs.

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