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Soda Fountain Bar Stools

Soda Fountain Bar Stools

When looking of high quality soda fountain bar stools, look no further than soda fountain stools manufactured by Richardson Seating.  Richardson Seating is a bar stool manufacturer located in Chicago, IL.  One of Richardson Seating’s specialties is floor mounted bar stools also known as soda fountain bar stools.  The reason they are called soda fountain bar stools is because back in the early 1900′s this type of bar stools was commonly found in ice cream parlors and drug stores at the soda fountain.  The soda fountain typically had a few mounted stools at the counter so you had somewhere to sit while you drink your custom drink.  These bar stools also were very popular with roadside diners and cafes.  They were the perfect option for quick restaurants along the highway.  

Richardson Seating’s line of soda fountain bar stools is just like the soda fountain stools of the past.  Richardson pulled out all the stops with this line.  The main structure of the fountain stool is iron.  Most companies just use steel components.  Richardson uses a combination of cast iron, steel, and cast aluminum.  Their counter stools are quite substantial.  If you are looking to purchase Richardson Seating Counter stools, look no further than Bar Stools and Chairs. sells all of Richardson Seating’s product lines.

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