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If you purchased good counter stools for your restaurant, you may have noticed they are not easy to remove.  If you were not the person to install them, you may have no idea where and how they even attach to your floor.  If you are using counter stools purchased from you will have no trouble removing them.  Our counters tools require a special wrench built by the manufacturer.  This wrench goes inside the column of the counter stool to remove a large bolt that attaches the stool to the floor.  After you have removed the bolt, you can pull the counter stool off of the floor.  Once the stool is removed you will see what type of floor attachment was used to connect the stool to the ground.  Most counter stools attach to concrete floors.  You will have some trouble removing the floor attachment if it is attached to concrete.  If you have a wood floor, you will be able to removed the wood plate very easily.

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