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Floor mounted bar stools are very popular with cafes, coffeeshops, and diners.  Mounted bar stools make it really easy for the customer to get in and out of his stool as well as make it easy to clean your floor.  When looking for mounted bar stools, it is important to make sure that they are made of high quality components.  Steel is great, but iron is better.  Richardson Seating Corporation still manufactures its line of mounted counter stools using a combination of steel and cast iron.  This type of counter stool when mounted to your floor becomes part of the restaurant.  It is a permanent fixture that will last for years and years.  The best selection of floor mounted bar stools is available at  If you find other sites with better selections of floor mounted bar stools, counter stools, retro bar stools, or diner bar stools, please send us an email.  The mounted bar stools sold at are manufactured by Richardson Seating Corporation.  Richardson Seating has been in the business of manufacturing commercial  floor mounted bar stools for over 30 years.  They are experts in manufacturing commecial furniture.  Since all of the counter stools they make are built to order, you can do any custom height between an 18 inch bar stool and a 30 inch bar stool  You are not limited to the standard 18 inch counter stool, 24 inch counter stool, and 30 inch counter stools like with the competition.  If you need 22.5 inch floor mounted bar stools, we can accommodate.  We can even make some of these as custom logo bar stools.

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