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Floor Mounted Bar Stools

Floor Mounted Bar Stools

Floor mounted Bar Stools are the perfect seating option for those restaurants, cafes, and diners that offer counter seating.  Eating counters are a great idea for any restaurant that caters to single diners.  Single diners like to come into the restaurant, find a seat, and get served quickly.  Providing a counter for those patrons is ideal.  The best type of seating to offer those diners is a floor mounted bar stool.  Floor mounted bar stools mount permanently to the floor and essentially become part of your restaurant.  Floor mounted counter stools are easy to clean around and look great with and without customers.  If you are considering purchasing a floor mounted counter stool with a back, make sure your mounted stool comes standard with a return swivel.   Return swivel bar stools are best for counters because all the seats will face the same direction when no one is using them.  We believe the that mounted bar stools made in the USA are still the best quality counter stools visit this link.  Only American manufacturers understand the unique requirements of an American establishment and American clientele.

One of the keys to making sure you purchase a high quality mounted bar stool is finding out what the stool is made of.  Steel is great, but cast iron is even better.  High quality mounted counter stools use cast iron components in addition to steel.  If you want your stool to last, make sure the bushing and the bell are made of cast iron.  If you are considering added a foot rest to the bar stool, you want to make sure that the footrest goes completely around the base of the stool.  We reccomend Cast Iron.  One of the last great floor mounted bar stool manufacturers is a company out of Chicago, IL called Richardson Seating.  Richardson Seating sells exclusively to dealers.  If you are looking for a knowledable dealer to help you find the perfect floor mounted bar stools for your restaurant, then look no further than

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