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Soda Fountain Bar Stools

Soda Fountain Bar Stools

This website is all about counter stools. Counter stools are the type of stools you put at a counter. There really isn’t much of a difference between a bar stool and a counter stools. Bar stools get put at bars while counter stools get put at counters. I typically refer to soda fountain bar stools or floor mounted bar stools as counter stools. I am not sure if that is correct, but that is what I grew up with. I have been involved in the furniture industry for a long time. Now that I am trying to bring these products to the Internet, I am doing me best to figure out what everyone calls everything. On to the shameless plugs….. If you are looking for floor mounted bar stools, look no further than Bar Stools and Chairs. Bar Stools and Chairs sells commercial heavy duty floor mounted bar stools manufactured by Richardson Seating. Richardson Seating is one of the last great manufacturers of floor mounted bar stools that still makes its products in the USA. USA made bar stools still seem to be better than imports. I guess an American manufacturer understands American restaurant needs better than overseas. The counter stool pictured is Richardson Seating’s model 6050-301. It is by far the most popular counter stool. If you are looking for something with a back, there is a whole variety from which you can choose. In addition to my original blog Diner Chairs, I have also started two more. The first one is Metal Bar Stools and the second one is Logo Bar Stools. Please check them out.

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