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Floor Mount Bar Stools | Mounted Bar Stools

I just added a new page to the Richardson Seating website. It is titled floor mount bar stools.  It is pretty much just a landing page so that the Richardson Seating site might rank for the term floor mount bar stools.  One of Richardson Seating’s specialties is soda fountain bar stools.  After studying the keywords that drive traffic to the site, it seems that floor mount bar stool might be a decent one to optimize for.

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Ecommerce Shopping Cart

So my site is no longer listed in the top of  google for diner chair.  I can’t figure out what makes it go up and down.  I don’t really have any good ways of making money off the site so I am not too concerned for now.  I was looking into a new Ecommerce Solutions provider.  They are called Americommerce.  I have never really heard of them but they offer the ability to host only one database and output it to multiple store fronts.  That could be a better use of my domains than just holding parked pages on them.  I put a call into them today but they weren’t available to talk because of some storm.  I asked the answering service where the company was located and they wouldn’t tell me.  She asked why I wanted to know.  I told her because if I knew where they were, I could call them back if I noticed their storm moved away.  She didn’t seem to get it.  I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway.  The software allows static urls, multiple websites, blogs, and the ability to output to comparison shopping for an additional fee.  I was thinking about giving them a try for or  I haven’t really decided. I figure I will wait until after I speak to the sales staff to see if I am still interested.  The goal of all this is to send traffic to my website which is an online retailer of bar stools.

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