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Retro Diner Chairs

Retro Diner Chairs is the title of this post.  I learned a lot from that term.  I have also learned a lot from the term retro kitchen chairs.  I have been trying to figure out what keywords generate the correct type of customers.  It seems like I might carry retro diner chairs, not just diner chairs.  When people type retro diner chairs into Google, they seem to stay on my site longer than when they just type in diner chairs.  I carry chrome retro style diner chairs upholstered in vinyl.  I wonder what other people consider diner chairs.  I noticed that my site is ranking 11 for the term counter stools.  I am almost on the front page.  I am interested mostly in ranking well for bar stools, counter stools, and diner chairs.  Bar stools and counter stools are the only terms that really rank high that I have a shot at doing well at.  I could try for furniture but I think it is probably too broad.  I just need to figure out everything people type in to get to my products.  If anyone has any ideas of other terms I need to use that are related to bar stools, counter stools, and diner chairs, feel free to email me.  I also just bought a new domain.  It is  I think it is a pretty good domain.  When I start opening additional stores, I will probably host one of them with that domain.  So this is retro diner chairs article signing off.

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Diner Chair back on top

I had a couple of duplicate pages.  I had,, and all with the same content page.  I made the content on unique and it popped back up to number three on google.  I am not sure if that was what did it, but it is nice to be back on top.  I added some links to make it easier to get to my website and it looks like my diner chair site is actually driving some traffic.  I just took a whole bunch of diner chair pictures and will be adding them to the website shortly.

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Diner Chair removed

I am sad to report that is no longer even listed in google.  I am not sure what I did.  Maybe it got put in that sandbox thing I have heard about.  Hopefully it will pop back in the near future.  If you have any ideas where it went, drop me a line.

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