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Bar Stool Repair

Bar Stool Repair – How to repair your worn bar stools

Over time and with use, all bar stools wear out.  The bar stools that I am most familiar with are backless bar stools.  These are the standard black bar stools you see at every shot and beer joint.  The seat is typically round and about 14” in diameter.  The frame is chrome plated steel and has one or two foot rests.  The frame is made for the finished bar stool to be either a 30 inch bar stool or a 24 inch bar stool.  Some people refer to these bar stools as bird cage bars tools.  The frame resembles a bird cage.

There are many different things that can go wrong with this type of bar stool.  New ones can be purchased pretty cheaply, so one must compare the cost of purchasing a new bar stool with the cost of purchasing bar stool replacement parts.

We will start with the bottom-most bar stool components and work our way up.   At the bottom of most bar stools are caps or bar stool glides as we call them.  This is typically a very inexpensive item to purchase.  You can buy these online at for about $1.50 each.  You may want to buy some extras.

The next part of the bar stool is the frame.  If the frame is bent, you should buy a new frame or a new bar stool.  If the chrome is chipping on the bar stool frame, you should go out and buy a new frame or a new bar stool.  The bar stool frame is the main support of the barstool.  If it is weak in any way, it could be potentially dangerous.  If your bar stool frame is loose, try tightening the bolts.  If that doesn’t work, try replacing the bolts with screws and nylon threaded lock nuts. You will need a power screw driver to attach these properly.

The next item on our bar stool is the bar stool swivel.  If your bar stool doesn’t have a swivel, you may want to consider buying one.  Swivels add years of life to a bar stool.  When someone sits on the stool they move.  They might not move a lot, but they move a little bit.  If there is no swivel to absorb that impact, the impact is put on the vinyl upholstery.  If you have a ball bearing swivel and a ball bearing falls out, don’t worry.  That happens from time to time.  If all of them have fallen out, you obviously need to replace the swivel.  If the plate has bent and the bar stool seat doesn’t revolve properly, you should replace the swivel.  It is almost always cheaper to replace a swivel compared to purchase a new swivel bar stool.

The seat is often the greatest cost of the bar stool.  Frames are mass produced in the tens of thousands.  The seats are made in small batches often specifically for your order.  In a $50.00 bar stool, $40.00 of the cost might be for the seat.  If your seat is damaged, you best bet is to reupholster it yourself.  Barstool vinyl upholstery can be purchased by clicking Upholstery Vinyl.

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5 Responses to “Bar Stool Repair”

  1. gigi reloj says:

    Where can I find components for bar stools? Specifically, I’m looking for the bottom foot rails that I can install on a beer keg to turn it into a barstool (maybe even the top piece for the seat), without having to spend over $100 for the kit. Thanks!

  2. admin says:

    Check out for some components. I am not sure if they will have what you want. You can also email them at with you specific request. Please send a picture to help illustrate exactly what you need.



  3. admin says:

    Typically you have to replace the part because it isn’t cost effective to fix.

  4. Linda says:

    I want to make my own ice cream fountain bar stool for an outdoor bar. What size pole would I need and where can I purchase one that can be cemented into the ground

  5. gene says:

    where can i f find info about old type tradional diner stools and how to remove the bases so i can repaint them after i have gotten rust off. the flange seems not to be coming off turning them either way.used wd40 still no success any advice?

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