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Ecommerce Shopping Cart

So my site is no longer listed in the top of  google for diner chair.  I can’t figure out what makes it go up and down.  I don’t really have any good ways of making money off the site so I am not too concerned for now.  I was looking into a new Ecommerce Solutions provider.  They are called Americommerce.  I have never really heard of them but they offer the ability to host only one database and output it to multiple store fronts.  That could be a better use of my domains than just holding parked pages on them.  I put a call into them today but they weren’t available to talk because of some storm.  I asked the answering service where the company was located and they wouldn’t tell me.  She asked why I wanted to know.  I told her because if I knew where they were, I could call them back if I noticed their storm moved away.  She didn’t seem to get it.  I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway.  The software allows static urls, multiple websites, blogs, and the ability to output to comparison shopping for an additional fee.  I was thinking about giving them a try for or  I haven’t really decided. I figure I will wait until after I speak to the sales staff to see if I am still interested.  The goal of all this is to send traffic to my website which is an online retailer of bar stools.

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Diner Chair back on top

I had a couple of duplicate pages.  I had,, and all with the same content page.  I made the content on unique and it popped back up to number three on google.  I am not sure if that was what did it, but it is nice to be back on top.  I added some links to make it easier to get to my website and it looks like my diner chair site is actually driving some traffic.  I just took a whole bunch of diner chair pictures and will be adding them to the website shortly.

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Diner Chair removed

I am sad to report that is no longer even listed in google.  I am not sure what I did.  Maybe it got put in that sandbox thing I have heard about.  Hopefully it will pop back in the near future.  If you have any ideas where it went, drop me a line.

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Counter Stools

I have been working on my parking pages. is already in the top five of google viagra 50mg.  Not bad for a few minutes of work.  I guess we were smart to have bought domain names so long ago.  I created 18 different pages all related to commercial furniture, bar stools, counter stools, and other types of restaurant furniture.  So far I have only gotten one click which earned me a total of 9cents.  On the other hand my blog at is starting to get some traffic and push it to  I titled this bog counter stools because I am trying to get this blog to eventually rank for the term counter stools.  I would have prefered to have counter stools without the hyphen but it wasn’t available.  I guess will have to do for now.

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Bar Stool Repair Added

I added a page on bar stool repair today.  I tried to cover the basics of whether one should buy a new bar stool or one should try to repair their bar stool.  I basically came up with the conclusion that if the seat is damaged, buy a new bar stool.  If the frame is damaged consider replacing the frame or whole stool.  If the swivel is damaged, replace the swivel.  And if the glides are damaged, always just replace the glides.  I touched on custom upholstery work, but that I’ll save for another post.  I sell upholstery vinyl at my retail website  If you or anyone you know needs vinyl, please consider purchasing it from us.

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Iphone 3G WordPress issues

I have the new Iphone 3G and I can’t figure out how to get the WordPress app to access this blog.  I don’t really like typing on the iphone so I probably wouldn’t use the app too much, but still…  It looks like it could be really cool.  I get some kind of XML error.  I did a few google searches on ipone 3G and XML error but I got kind of bored and decided I would just rant about it on my blog.  Anyone else out there experience the same issues?  Did anyone figure out how to fix it?  Either way, check out my bar stool website.  That’s my main project.

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Bar Stool Links

Hey all,

I am continuing my project to make money off of the Internet selling commercial furniture on my website

I just signed up for a parking account at  It seems like a good deal so far.  They will host parking pages for up to 100 domains for a one time fee of $100.00.  If you need something to do with your domains, I would check out Why Park.

In the meantime, I have set up all my unused domains with Why Park.  Hopefully they will be able to generate some traffic for me.  The following domains are being hosted.

Counter StoolsChairs and Bar StoolsBar Stools and ChairsDiner ChairsCracked Ice VinylClassic Bar StoolClassic Bar StoolsClassic BarstoolClassic BarstoolsClassicBarstools.comCounter Bar StoolsDiner-ChairDiner-ChairsDiner Bar StoolsDiner ChairKitchen Bar StoolsKitchen Counter StoolsLogo Bar StoolsLogo Bar StoolNFL Bar StoolsRetro Bar StoolsRetro Seating

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What’s a counter stool

I am not sure if there is an exact answer. I kind of think that a counter stool goes in front of a counter and a bar stool goes in front of a bar. That makes sense right? Now the confusing part comes when a stool is not in front of a counter or a bar. I guess it is just a stool but people may have ideas of whether it should be referred to as a counter stool or a bar stool. I say just call it whatever you want. Who really cares? What’s a better question, is what is the difference between bar stool and barstool. According to spell checker, barstool is incorrect. I could have sworn I looked it up in the dictionary and was told that it is a proper term. Well people search for the term barstool so I should probably make sure I write it down a few times in my posts. Here’s one more time for good measure…. BARSTOOL.

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Bar Stool Ads

If you haven’t read my earlier posts, I sell Bar Stools. I just got off the phone with my dad a few minutes ago. He asked me why I put ads on my blog that technically compete with my own website I thought it was a good question. I guess the reason is that I want to see what kind of revenue I can generate from adsales compared to how much I can generate from a sale at my website. I remember used to have ads for other companies on their site. Maybe they know something.

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First Page at Counter Stools Blog

I just created my first page. It is called Counter Stools. It was originally the about page, but I changed the name and it became the counter stools page. I will figure out this blog stuff eventually.

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